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The Factory

Southland Box Company

We operate on a 528,000 square foot lot with a production capacity of 157,500,000 square feet per month.  Our local workforce is well trained in maintenance and operation of the latest equipment and machines from Mitsubishi and palletizing equipment from Fuji Robotics. 


Southland Box is fully compliant with all State and Federal Regulations including the FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT ACT 2017 (FSMA).  FSMA ensures the safety of the U.S. food supply by focusing on prevention.  Manufacturers that are FSMA compliant must go through stringent 3rd party audits.  These audits are passed only if the manufacturer has high standards of safety and Good Manufacturing Practices.  Southland Box is proud to announce that it has received high marks from the American Institute of Baking (A.I.B).



Southland Box strives to meet the highest standards for safety and sanitation in production set forth by the American Institute of Baking (AIB).  The AIB standards were developed to evaluate handling operations, product safety, and compliance with globally recognized organizations.  These organizations include the U.S. Department of Health and Welfare, Food and Drug Administration, and Good Manufacturing Practices.



Southland Box regularly evaluates and documents cleaning practices, pest control, product safety programs, maintenance, operational methods, and personnel training.  These efforts ensure the safety of our products to our clients and the well-being of those employed at Southland Box Company

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