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In 2018, Southland Box Company began its 5-year expansion project by first acquiring adjacent property and expanded the total site area to 526,000 square feet. After the first two phases, we now have a super plant of 331,000 square feet, 32 receiving/loading docks, and a capacity of over 150 million square feet per month. Investments in innovative technology, such as the world’s fastest corrugator, automatic sheet transfer system, and stretch hooder, allow Southland Box to compete fiercely in the fast-growing market.



Southland Box is proud to be the first corrugated plant in North America equipped with the Mitsubishi Heavy Machinery TM-450 III corrugator. Developed with the accumulated experience and expertise of Tomoku and the advanced technology of Mitsubishi, the TM-450 III corrugator is the first and only corrugator to have an impressive design speed of 1,500 linear feet per minute. By maximizing the production capacity, Southland Box Company is positioned to serve a broader range of customers with a variety of corrugated products in every industry.

Automatic Sheet Transfer

Reducing manual material handling not only prevents the damage of sheets and improves the bottom line for our customers, but also provides a safer work environment for our employees. Along with other advantages such as streamlining processes and saving floor spaces, the Ducker Automatic Conveyer is one of the most crucial innovations we have implemented.

Automatic Stretch Hooder

Stretch hood is one of the fastest growing demands in pallet packaging because it provides high package integrity for various applications, from produce and packaged food to pharmaceutical and building materials. Southland Box Company is equipped with Lachenmeier stretch hood machine to accommodate heavyweight, tall, lightweight, or unstable load and provide added value to our customers.

Improving the quality of life through packaging

In 2014, Southland Box became one of the few box companies to have passed with flying colors the rigorous standards of American Institute of Baking (AIB). Since then, the recognition has been repeated year after year. Our commitment to good manufacturing practices, safety, quality, and continuous innovation is what sets us apart.

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