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We recycle. It is an integral part of the corrugated industry.  Without the proper collection of waste created during production, the costs of recycled paper would be astronomical.  In order to keep costs low, not only for our customers but for the whole industry, Southland Box has invested millions of dollars so we can collect waste more efficiently.  We are doing our part for a greener tomorrow.


Going Green

Ecology is a central theme in today’s business environment.  Tomoku, our parent company, has established the Central Ecology Improvement Commission in order to promote, educate and formulate measures for the safe storage of materials used in the corrugated industry.   


Southland's commitment for a greener tomorrow means we  only purchase raw materials from companies that have a Chain of Custody (CoC) report. This report provides traceability of raw materials and guarantees the sustainability of the product. 

going green


Southland Box takes pride in their workforce diversity.  We hire the best and brightest from around the world. We believe that diversity creates the best outcomes in that it fosters global perspectives and imaginative solutions. 

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