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Design and Testing

Our design team can help any organization meet its packaging needs by constructing the exact box for their merchandise.  We gather and assess critical information from our clients. We then transform that information into a high-quality box or tray that meets the client’s specific needs.   

“We have the experience and designs to meet every need for every customer.  Whether it is to create a completely new box or improve an existing one, we have the knowledge and equipment.”

Design Manager

Design Tools

Cape Pack

Esko Artios CAD

Adobe Illustrator CS6 & Creative Suite 6 Products

Kongsberg XN Sample Making Table with Illustrator tool

Testing Capabilities

Slide Angle

Box Compressing

Pin Adhesion



Densometer (porosity)

Edge Crush

Flat Crush

Mullen (burst strength)


Basis Weight

Ring Crush

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