Box making is an art passed down from our parent company Tomoku to Southland Box Company.  We are a high-quality supplier servicing some of the largest companies in the world right alongside single operation proprietorships. We truly believe in our products and production methods.  SBC makes updating existing machinery and production equipment with state-of-the-art technology a high priority. We strive to bring the art of box making to another level.

“We monitor and strive for high efficiency output, safety, quality control each and every day.  Good Manufacturing practices are a given.”

Plant Manager



Mitsubishi 87" Corrugator

Pacer Single Facer

Asahi / Shinko 3-Color

Auto-platen Die-cutter


Mitsubishi Evol-100 4-Color


Shinko Ex-Beta 3-Color

Rotary Die-cutter



Mitsubishi Evol-115 4-Color


Shinko Super-Beta 3-Color

Rotary Die-cutter