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Our Sales teams at Southland Box are well-versed in meeting customer needs when it comes to corrugated packaging.  Experienced in diverse industries such as food, agriculture, and textiles, we can guide our clients towards success. 


Customer service is the glue that binds Southland Box Company with our clients. All our service representatives are well trained in the corrugated industry. They coordinate and communicate to insure clients' needs are met using the latest CRM applications so they can provide real-time information on logistics, order status, and more. 


A practice used in Japan to create efficiency and reduce waste, Kaizen is defined as "betterment, improvement, and reform." The art of Kaizen is also practiced by Southland Box Company to help our clients improve their packaging environment.  Any corrugated company can make a box.  The question is, can they make the right box for you? 

“Our mission is to produce exactly what the customer needs.  That is not to over-spec or under-spec our customers’ boxes, but to get it just right.”

Director of Sales

The Unique Selling Advantage

Southland Box Company supersedes other suppliers in our ability to coordinate and produce last minute orders.  Our flexibility is a core-strength that provides our clients peace of mind.  They know that we can give them what they need, when they need it.  No one else can!

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