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"Creative Corrugated Solutions" 



Creating corrugated products for clients through strategic consultation, analysis, and skilled implementation.

Utilizing cutting-edge equipment in testing and design.

Assuring strict quality control with attention to craftsmanship and enhanced productivity to meet each customer's financial goals.



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Who We Are

Southland Box Company is a subsidiary of Tomoku Co., Ltd. We opened our doors for operation on November 15, 1990 in the industrial city of Vernon, CA.  Along with our network of over 18 factories in Japan and most recently in Vietnam, Southland Box is a renowned, experienced, independent converter of corrugated products. 

We bring over 60 years of technical expertise, a reputation for reliability and unparalleled service to Southern California and adjoining states.

Southland Box Company enjoys a close working relationship with its suppliers. Our experience in sourcing from the world market has given SBC a high level of understanding of the uniqueness of fiber materials. We purchase the highest quality raw materials at the most competitive prices, assuring customer satisfaction.

Southland Box uses advanced technologies during the corrugation and finishing processes to eliminate waste. These technologies are fully implemented when utilized by our trained production staff.  Our expertise and craftsmanship combine to produce custom-made, durable boxes. All our work is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, carefully designed to specifications.

Our Mission

Southland Box strives to be the “Best Partner” for our clients.  We want to help our customers achieve their financial objectives through efficient and effective supply chain support.  Our unique selling advantage is derived from the Japanese philosophy of KAIZEN. We consistently focus on improving our production processes, personnel training, and unrivaled support for our clients.


Our promises to:


  • Clients – to be their Best Partner!

  • Our People – to provide a stable, safe work environment where diligence and industriousness are rewarded

  • Shareholders – to keep up with a changing world and to constantly strive for efficient production and output that increases shareholder value




Corrugated Packaging

Boxes are considered the backbone of most manufacturing. Producers of fine products place their finished goods directly in some sort of packaging — a majority of the time that packaging is corrugated boxes. Something so important requires the most reliable, quality-driven supplier possible.  That supplier is Southland Box.

Our company offers a wide variety of corrugated designs to meet the needs of every manufacturer.  We offer Regular Slotted Containers, Half-Slotted Containers, Die-Cut Trays, Inserts, Dividers, and much, much more!  All items are designed with the highest attention to quality and craftsmanship.

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Packaging Chain Management

PCM or "Packaging Chain Management" is a concept that Southland Box Company has developed over its 28 years in operation. 


We excel in Run-and-Ship/J.I.T. deliveries. Southland can coordinate your packaging needs with your production schedule, minimizing warehousing at your facility, thereby reducing your inventory costs. 


Southland Box continuously invests its resources to improve logistics capabilities. Such investments help  provide the seamless, efficient services at a lower overall cost that our customers have come to expect from us.

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Design and Testing

Our design team can help any organization meet its packaging needs by constructing the exact box for your merchandise.  We gather and analyze critical information from our clients and use design a product that performs to the highest industry's standards within the client’s financial budget.   

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If you would like to apply for a job with our company, please visit our CAREERS webpage. For all other inquiries, please fill out form below.

Head Office

4201 Fruitland Avenue

Vernon, CA 90058

Tel: (323) 583-2231

Fax: (323) 581-2244

Thanks for submitting your inquiry!

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